Month: July 2012

The positive side of the Rupee depreciation

The depreciating value of the Indian currency is a cause of worry for many these days. Much has been said about how this indicates a slowing economy,  growing fiscal deficit,  drying up of capital inflows, trade imbalances etc. (Terms I have always failed to understand). While these concerns are no doubt valid, could the devalued Rupee actually prove to be a boon to the Indian economy presently?

Firstly, let me try to explain the funda behind the effect of currency valuations on global trade.
Lets say A in India wants to sell his product to B in USA. A does his math and finds that by selling his product for Rs 500 he would get a profit of RsX. So he fixes the price to be $10(overseas transactions are generally in USD) keeping in mind the current rate  $1= 50Rs.
Now, say the rupee deprecates to Rs 55. So in effect he receives Rs 550 which means a profit of Rs.50+X.
If the rupee appreciates to say Rs 45 per US Dollar, A would technically earn Rs.450; a lower profit of Rs. X-50.( He could even suffer a loss if X>50.)

Keeping the above in mind, the rupee devaluation could boost the economy by helping the two major driving forces of the economy:
The IT industry and the manufacturing industry; both of which are struggling.

Most of the clients of the IT companies are based abroad, so the major chunk of their revenues are coming from outside i.e in US Dollars. Clearly, the rupee depreciation would benefit them due to larger revenues as explained above. The manufacturing sector would similarly be benefited with higher revenues arising  from exports.

Hence, the depreciated rupee could actually prove to be beneficial to the economy.


The ‘5th Blog’ : A satire on my blogging

Prime Time News:

A very Good Evening to our viewers from all across the globe. As you all know Tonight will be a very Special Night.  In a short while from now, the highly acclaimed and respected Blogger, Mr.V, will tell the world about his much awaited 5th Blog post. By publishing his fifth blog post, Mr.V will earn the prestigious WordPress  5 blog post Award .

The award which would etch his name in the hallowed Blog of fame .

The award which would guarantee Mr.V, a seat in the pantheon of Blogging legends.

The award which enables Mr.V to reach the pinnacle of Blogging.

The award which all Bloggers would dream to receive, but only the very best receive.

His wildly popular blog titled ‘TheVSquare’ has captured the imagination of millions of people and has inspired many to take up a career in blogging. It has spent an astonishing 60 consecutive weeks on top of the New Blog Times Best Blogger List and has earned countless  accolades from various distinguished luminaries in the field of Blogging. He first shot into fame with his blog on why he quit Facebook. It was an instant hit that inspired millions of people to follow suit. So much so that Facebook lost its numero uno place in Social Networking sites in a matter of days.

He is also a renowned author. His inspirational self-help book titled “Blogineering your way up in life”  has become the Bible for all Bloggers. His other books: ” Blogonomics” and “Super Blogonmics” are critically acclaimed and are a commercial success worldwide.

Mr.V comes from a family not particularly well-known for their Blogging. He started blogging at the tender age of 19; a time when most of his friends were busy Facebooking and Tweeting. He graduated summa cum laude from the prestigious Doomed School of Blogging where he received the distinction of being the Best Outgoing Blogger of his batch.

Over to our correspondent Mr.X who is standing right at the heart of The V Square where Mr.V will address the world from his plush office.


As you can see, thousands of fans and followers have gathered here at The V Square. There is a frenzied atmoshpere and people are vociferously expressing their support of Mr.V. Chants of “Yes V Can” are reverberating throughout the entire square. In addition to the festive mood, a sense of anticipation and palpable tension grip the emotions of these followers.

I have managed to get hold of a middle aged working professional who follows the blog, for a quick word.

“Though I do disagree with some of Mr.V’s blogs, I admit that he always offers a unique perspective in his blogs.”

Lets see what this teenage boy has to say:

“I am really inspired by his blogs. Every time I feel low, I read one of his blogs to get motivated. They offer me a lot of positive energy.”

Oh and there is Mr.V who has entered the balcony of the top floor of his office. He is waving and showering kisses to all his followers standing ten floors down and is greeted with rapturous applause. He leans over the balustrade and displays the famous “V” sign with his fingers. The crowd go crazy.

As Mr.V adjusts the mic, there is pin drop silence.

“I had a dream. That one day I would receive this prestigious award. That one day I would join the fantastic, and legendary bloggers as recipients of this award.  As I stand here, going to reveal my fifth Blog topic, I dont know how to describe my feelings.

It has been a fantastic journey. From my days at Doomed School to today, I have enjoyed every bit of my journey. It has taken years of toil, dedication, inspiration and perseverance to write 5 blog posts.

It’s a great honor to be bestowed upon this award. It would not have been possible without You. Each and every one of you are a reason for my success. Without your unending support, I would not have come this far.”

The crowd enter into a vigorous applause which interrupts his speech. Certain supporters cannot control their emotions. Silence resumes.

“So, my dear followers, allow me to reveal my 5th blog post.

My fifth blog will simply be called  “The 5th blog.”  This is the fifth blog. What is happening now is the fifth blog.”

The crowd erupt in a frenzy. Some wave their t-shirts in air, while some enter into a vigorous chant of  “Yes V Can”. But oh wait a minute. It seems certain people are not happy with what has just transpired. Some are yelling abusive chants at Mr.V. While others are beginning to walk out of the Square.

Happiness.Drama. Anger. Controversy.Confusion. It’s all happening at the V Square.

A few hours later:

While Mr.V has revealed his fifth blog topic and has received the award, there is no doubt that it has been marred by controversy. The announcement has divided the opinions of his legion of fans. Some critics opine that Mr.V has lost his creativity in writing blogs and that the fifth blog was written solely for the aim of receiving the award.Many of his die-hard followers have told us that they feel cheated by this blog. They say that they never expected such a ‘selfish’ action by Mr.V who is known for his inspirational blogs. Some have even called for his ostracism from the exclusive Blog of Fame. There are also many supporters who support Mr.V’s decision about the blog. They say that it was a masterstroke from the great and that he is at the pinnacle of his Blogging and this decision highlights his creative prowess.

So in the end it is up to the viewers to air their opinions directly to Mr.V, to elicit a response. They can do so by commenting on his infamous ‘5th blog post’.

Does ‘failure’ really exist?

What exactly is ‘failure’? Most dictionaries define failure as the lack of success. We define success. It is a goal which we wish to achieve. It could be getting a centum in the math exam or following a strict diet. So, when we do not achieve these self-defined goals, we say that we have failed in our task.

Let us take the examples of two students ‘A’ and ‘B’. Both are appearing for the same exam with different aims and different levels of preparation.

Lets say that ‘B’ is aiming to pass. He  has studied 40 percent of the syllabus and has practiced all possible types of questions related to that portion to make sure that he doesn’t face a new problem related to that 40 percent of the syllabus in the exam. In the end he scores 40, the number required to pass. ‘A’ believes that he has studied everything and is aiming for a perfect score. ‘A’ has practiced like ‘B’ covering almost the entire syllabus but he is not as comfortable with one chapter which leads to the loss of 3 marks. So although ‘A’ might take solace from being the topper, he has failed in his goal which was to score 100, while B has succeeded in achieving his goal of passing.

Clearly, ‘B’ has made sure that he would not fail while ‘A’ had jeopardized his chances of getting a perfect score by not preparing as hard on one chapter as he did for the others.

Before setting out to achieve our goals we often believe that we have met the prerequisite conditions to achieve it but may later end up failing. This is because those prerequisite conditions are set by us. Have we really included the solutions to all possible difficulties in it like the student ‘B’? If we haven’t done so we mostly end up ‘ failing’.( I say ‘mostly’ because you never know when lady luck can hit you )

So if we have met all those prerequisite conditions where is the question of failure?  If we make every single adjustment and be prepared for all the difficulties which may arise during our quest to achieve that goal, we will never fail. But if we have not met those prerequisite conditions, then is it fair to expect to succeed? Shouldn’t the student ‘A’ be expecting to score 97 instead of 100?

What I’m trying to say is that ‘Failure’ is a type of perception. It arises when there is a mismatch  between our definition of success and our level of preparation. For when we have not prepared ourselves entirely, we may not succeed as we haven’t achieved the goal set by us, but we do achieve something which is proportional to our level of preparation. If the student ‘A’ had aims of scoring 97, he would have succeeded as his definition of success and his level of preparation would have matched.

So when a person believes that he has ‘failed’, it actually means that he has succeeded with some other definition of success and not the one he wished for.

(P.S- This is a very complex philosophical post where I have tried my best to express my belief. You may not understand this post or disagree with me. In any case, please do leave a comment. )

Is ‘Talent’ overrated?

Many tend to agree that a ‘talented’ person is one who generates extraordinary results on his initial attempts at something: whether it is the budding cricketer who plays beautiful strokes which would make Sachin Tendulkar proud, or the young singer whom everyone believes is the next Micheal Jackson.

But is ‘talent’ really required to succeed?

We often complain of many ‘talented’ people who have not really lived up to their ‘talents’. I am one such person according to my parents, as they believe that my grades are not worthy of my ‘talent’. On the other hand, there are people like Rahul Dravid whom we didn’t consider to be ‘talented’ but have gone on to achieve great things solely due to their perseverance and hard work.

Whether the ‘talented’ people consistently display their ‘talents’ is far more important than just their ability to perform brilliant things.

So it all comes down to practice since consistent performance requires perseverance and not ‘talent’. Being ‘talented’ may help to achieve success in a slightly shorter time. But not being ‘talented’ will never be an obstacle in achieving success.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect!”