Is ‘Talent’ overrated?

Many tend to agree that a ‘talented’ person is one who generates extraordinary results on his initial attempts at something: whether it is the budding cricketer who plays beautiful strokes which would make Sachin Tendulkar proud, or the young singer whom everyone believes is the next Micheal Jackson.

But is ‘talent’ really required to succeed?

We often complain of many ‘talented’ people who have not really lived up to their ‘talents’. I am one such person according to my parents, as they believe that my grades are not worthy of my ‘talent’. On the other hand, there are people like Rahul Dravid whom we didn’t consider to be ‘talented’ but have gone on to achieve great things solely due to their perseverance and hard work.

Whether the ‘talented’ people consistently display their ‘talents’ is far more important than just their ability to perform brilliant things.

So it all comes down to practice since consistent performance requires perseverance and not ‘talent’. Being ‘talented’ may help to achieve success in a slightly shorter time. But not being ‘talented’ will never be an obstacle in achieving success.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect!”



  1. Take the case of singing …you either sing well or u dont …if you dont have a good voice or if you arent talented , no matter how much you practice ,the chances of success are extremely poor.

    1. a talented singer can sing well initially but he still has to practice. Im sure any talented singer who doesnt practice will never sing well later on. while a not talented singer can always develop himself to sing well thru practice although he might take more time than a talented singer to acheive the same level of singing. wiki says” Excellence in singing requires time, dedication, instruction, and regular practice”. ‘talent’ makes the path to excel easier.

  2. I don’t believe that say, a person with an unattractive voice and untalented in singing can ever acheive the level of a talented person.I think this is true in all fields.That is why legends are legends .(Not saying all talented people are legends though.)

    1. firstly, there are ways to develop a good singing voice.It neednt be inherent as u say. Most singers agree with it.
      (U can check out wiki how too if u wanna do that.) . and as i said before all legends need not be ‘talented’.

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