How eReaders are opening a new chapter in our lives

Last December, I bought myself a Kobo Touch e-book reader. Now, I realize that I have read more books in the past six months than the last decade.

E-book readers are playing a major role in inspiring people to read more.   According to this survey, e-book readers read 24 books a year as compared to 15 by non e-book readers on an average.

So why do people read more with their eReaders? Let me answer that from a teenager’s perspective.

The convenience

eReaders are amazingly convenient. Most of the time, my reading plans would get upset as I would have rarely taken the time to visit the library/bookstore to get hold of a book.  With eReaders and online libraries, I can easily download my required book and start reading it on my Kobo in a matter of minutes. This is far more convenient for the impatient and reluctant readers. Furthermore, every time I finish reading an e-book or find an e-book boring, I can immediately start reading the next from the hundreds of e books stored in my eReader. Having such a large collection of ebooks packed into a light and portable device  ensures that my reading plans will never get affected especially when I’m traveling.

The ‘Wow’ factor

In this era of technology, when we are addicted to our cell phones and laptops, it is natural that we will be attracted to any ‘cool’ gadget; and eReaders are ‘cool’ electronic gadgets that are immensely popular. So much so that the act of looking at my adorable eReader simply forces me to switch it on and start reading. It is no different from how people are spending hours on their iPads or laptops due to the sheer novelty of these devices.

While purists may argue that reading from an eReader can never match the ‘traditional’ reading experience, it has certainly re-‘Kindled’ my joy of reading.