Why do people listen to music?

People listen to music for a variety of reasons. We can choose the way we want music to respond to our requirements. It can satisfy whatever we want to seek by listening to it. Therein lies the beauty of music.

Based on my experiences, here are the different types of listeners.

The Moodies

These are the ones who turn to music to alter their mood. Some who feel sad listen to music to lighten their spirits, some listen to relax after a tough day at the office, some listen simply because they feel happy and some listen to avoid feeling lonely. These are by far the largest group of listeners.

The fans

This type of people listen to music for fun. They simply enjoy listening to their choice of music. Period.

The critics

These are the ones who listen for the sole purpose of analyzing the technicalities of music; the voice, the pitch, the tune, the instruments played etc. They perceive music as an art and judge the value and the degree of excellence of various music works.
The inspiration seekers

They turn to music for inspiration to meet their goals. While listening they visualize what they wish to do and music serves as a confidence and energy booster to them. (I belong to this group)

Of course, people may not strictly belong to such specific groups always as the reasons for listening may vary from time to time.Today a person may listen to music to relax while the next day he might listen to music for seeking inspiration. But broadly these are the reasons why people listen to music.

So, why do YOU listen to music?